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I don’t like the phrase “Recipes You Should Know”. It’s a moot phrase really, thinking about it. Everyone starts somewhere, so I’m just not going to use that as my title.

This is a place of no judgement, if you don’t know how to slow-roast a shoulder of lamb, make ganache, or mash potatoes, that’s cool. All that’s important is that you’re here, you obviously want to learn because you’ve types those magic words “How do I [make/boil/poach]….?” into Google. Or you’ve mashed in “HOW THE HELL DO I MAKE…?” in a fit of rage, either way. I hope I can be of service!

The comments section is dedicated to the sentence we have all started with at some point in our lives… “I know this sounds like a stupid question, but how do you…?”, if you have any queries, any niggles, any contemplations, ponderings, speculations. Just pop on down to my handy little comments section below here and I will do my utmost to create a little “How To…” for you. Just because I dig you.


  1. zoe says:

    How to make cupcakes so that they’re flat/level with the cupcake case and not domed? How much mixture do you put into the cases?

    • JR says:

      Hiya Zoe,
      There are a few ways that you can achieve this, one of the ways is to turn your oven down slightly, that way the crust on top forms slower, the bubbling mixture underneath doesn’t force it’s way up quite so violently.
      I mean, I have no real aversion to the beautiful little domes you get on top of cupcakes, but I understand it can add a certain satisfying neatness – a la Fiona Cairns (who make those beautiful little fondant iced cupcakes in Selfridge’s). Another little cheat that can help you along is, whilst freshly cooked still in the tin, pop another weighted cupcake tin on directly on top of the cakes and it will push them down a little bit to help.

      If all else fails, cut the tops off completely, quite a lot of professional cake makers do this, especially wedding cakes where a flat top is integral to a structurally sound construction. It can be a bit time consuming though so give the first two a try to see if they work for you.

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