Cake Making – Troubleshooting

Nobody is perfect. This means that at some point, you will mess up a cake. It’s inevitable, and chances are it’ll happen when you need it to be utterly perfect.

Still, it’s not always a bad thing to end up with a cake that looks like scrambled eggs, or vomit, or burnt charcoal or something equally as unpleasant. It gives you the opportunity to learn and get better. The only real way to over these little hitches is to embrace your imperfection, and to realise that sometimes it will go wrong, and, most importantly, understand why the mistakes happened in the first place so you can try to prevent them in future.

I’m guessing seeing as you’re reading this page, you’ll probably be in a baking-induced rage. So I’ll skip to the point. Just a mini collection I thought might be useful.

caketroubleshooting vertical

I know you guys are intelligent, most of the solutions to these problems are pretty obvious. If the oven’s too hot, turn it down. There are one or two that may not be quite so plain. Fruit too wet? Toss in a little flour, fruit too heavy? Cut it into smaller chunks. If there’s anything that is unclear or anything I’ve not covered, pop it in the comments and I’ll reply with a magical solution.

What do you think?

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