Princess of Battenberg

By JR, June 24, 2013

What a title! Princess of cake, what a wonderful thing to behold.
Anyway, Battenberg! You have these little lovebirds to thank for this glorious creation:

Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine.

Well, I question the choice they may, or may not, have had in their matrimonial bliss, but I am grateful all the same. Queen Victoria thought it would be ace to throw them a badass Wedding party and include reams of this incredibly addictive cake. The chefs of the royal household decided to honour Queen Victoria’s German heritage with a typically ‘German’ style of almond sponge, which was popular at the time. They, then, dyed it pink and yellow and sandwiched it together in a chequerboard pattern to represent the equal merging of two households, and wrapped it all securely together in marzipan. I have no idea whether the marzipan is meant to represent the security of the growing English empire or the strength of the marriage, or whether it was just damn tasty, I’m just speculating over here.

The man after which this cake was named actually went on to change his last name to Mountbatten (sound vaguely familiar to readers with some knowledge of the British Royal family?), but the cake remained untouched, in all it’s glory. The history is really that simple, it’s not entirely English, it’s not entirely German, but it’s a lovely entanglement of the two. I like that, the harmony.

What do you think?

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