I Like to Ride My Bicycle

By JR, August 15, 2014

In accordance with my concern to stay, at least moderately, healthy in life. A few months back I bought myself a bicycle. Back in England, I had this amazing red town bike that my uncle and aunty very kindly donated to me, and even bought it all the way over from Germany to boot!

I realised that if I wanted to save a bit of money (and not die from a heart attack aged 30), I should probably buy myself some sort of self-powered transportation, I did consider roller blades, but I don’t trust myself on the brakes, so I stuck with the old classic and trotted on down to Good Life bikes on 21st and 4th Street in Cliff Bungalow. My dad and brother mentioned to me that it was an awesome little shop, and sold a bunch of used bikes pretty cheaply, which were in various degrees of (dis)repair. Perfect for what I needed, so I popped down before I started work one day and had a look around for something cheap and decent, that didn’t require huge amounts of work (because unless it’s a tire change, changing seat level or re-greasing, I am a complete useless sack at bike mechanics). Thirty minutes later and I found I was flitting between two pretty beaten up frames with decent wheels, until, lo and behold some wonderful (possibly, I have no idea who he was) human being walks through the door just before I was about to leave, and donates a perfectly awesome bike. His wife’s, apparently, barely used, that’s been sat in the garage for a few years, and he wanted to a good deed and donate it to somebody who would get some use out of it.

This bike might as well have had a halo and a glorious concerto of music in the background, contrasted by this greasy trucker guy with a gut hanging out of a string vest snorting snot up his nose intermittently. You can’t make this stuff up eh? With the Summer still beating down the sunbeams here in Calgary, I think I still have a month or two of cycling-suitable weather. Not really much to do with food this post, merely an update in my general life.
Here’s a picture I took whilst cycling in Nose Hill Park in Calgary the other day!

nose hill park cycling

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