I’m Still Breathing… In Calgary

By JR, March 25, 2014

Howdy y’all,
It truly has been a while since my last post, there have been many changes since the last time I wrote on my humble little website, mostly the fact that I’ve moved half way across the world (I won’t rant too much about my personal life, don’t worry). This is more of a quick update on things really, until I get settled in to my new way of life. A few days ago I moved from Birmingham to Calgary, Alberta to explore and work in some of the beautiful Great White North, and so far it has been so much fun. I suppose it is the same when you visit, or move to, any new city. It is still full of intrigue, and minor amounts of fear, so everything is still monstrously exciting.

Having only been here for a few days, I’ve not explored the depths of the city yet (apart from getting kinda lost walking near Westbrook Mall), so I’ve not really got any super exciting food tales to tell. How terribly boring of me! Why am I even writing this update, I hear you asking?
I did, however, get my mouth scalded by a crazy-hot mocha from Tim Hortons. And I am beginning to crave their donuts and sour cream Timbits… my BMI probably won’t thank me for that one.
For now I am just enjoying wandering around, looking for a fun place to work and a nice place to live amongst the adventure. And that is my update for now.

TL;DR – I moved to Calgary, I want donuts, I’m looking for a place to live.


What do you think?

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