Halloween Rage

By JR, October 21, 2013

As morbidly curious as I am, I really don’t like Halloween. It’s not the fact that it’s mostly an American holiday which has turned into a day dedicated to begging for cheap confectionery at strangers’ houses. It’s not even the copious amount of slutty bunnies, cats, bees, ladybirds or classic vampires (which I have, unfortunately, donned in my youth) dotted around town that bug me – although I do find the whole affair vaguely autozoophilic.

It’s the decoration and description of Halloween-themed food. It sounds ridiculous, I know it does, it sounds ridiculous when I hear it coming out of my mouth. But I really can’t help it, it really is so very annoying.¬†How can something be spine-tingly-delicious? Really, logically. Does that mean that the thing I’m about to consume is going to send into random back spasms, or that I’m scared to eat it? I don’t know, maybe I’m just boring, but dotting eyes on things, makes it cute, not scary. See, I don’t mind cute, I like cute, just not when it’s pretending to be scary.

The one thing I do absolutely love about Halloween though – being able to buy excruciatingly cheap pumpkins on November 1st… my Day of the Dead celebration is going to be off the hook.

What do you think?

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