Nature Bars

October 2, 2014

Since moving to Canada, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to really get into the spirit, and get down and dirty with nature. All in innocence of course, I’ve been trekking around the Albertan wilderness with friends and soaking in all the beauty and wonder that this exceptional country has to offer. It’s sometimes hard […]

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Lemony Fresh

April 18, 2014

Last week I was sat in a coffee shop in Calgary before I started work, sipping on a cup of coffee that was somewhere between insipid and heart-attack creamy, picking at a lemon cake tenuously. The place I happened to be at was not my usual (if I can even call it that) haunt for […]

smooth vanilla fudge

Vanilla Butter Fudge 2.0

December 29, 2013

So, the festive time has absolutely flown by! I’m usually so good at avoiding seasonal diseases, but this year, lo and behold, I’ve been ill. Whinge, whinge, grumble grumble – it was bound to happen eventually, aaaand I’m over it. It’s also kind of difficult to find the motivation to photograph things in Winter in […]

home made twix bar

The Posh Twix Conundrum

September 23, 2013

People always assume that because I work in a chocolate shop, I don’t like any other brands – I’m not entirely sure why or how they come to that enlightening assumption. While it has significantly changed my tastes, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still indulge in other sweety treats every now and again. I […]

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The Ghost of Birthday Carrot Cake

August 23, 2013

Since I was a little girl, having a birthday in the Summer was always a blessing. Best chance of good weather and not having school being two of those impeccable bonuses. By far the pinnacle, though, is the fact that I was never in the country. I was always off camping somewhere with my family, […]

chocolate birthday cake

How To Make: A Super-Mega Chocolate Birthday Cake

July 3, 2013

Today, I pay homage to a simple pleasure; a sinful, delicious simple pleasure. Chocolate fudge cake. I know it’s been done to death, it really has. It’s on every food website, each with their own tweak, all self proclaiming their recipe as the single best chocolate fudge cake in the kingdom. Now, I’d like to […]

raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

June 25, 2013

This is an all-cheese cheesecake, no whipped cream or sour cream in the main mixture, and honestly, I don’t miss it one bit. If you want to read a little more about the origins of cheesecake by the way there’s a whole bunch of information from my last post, which you can find here. Raspberry and […]

viennese shortbread

Ladurée Viennese Shortbread

June 6, 2013

I decided to finally try a new recipe from my Ladurée book of dreams, that I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while. I am so glad I got a spare afternoon…so very glad! If you’ve ever been travelling in France, you’ll know there are a few things you need as staples when you’re […]


All About Choux

May 28, 2013

Do you love profiteroles? Who am I kidding, everyone loves profiteroles. What a silly question! BOOM! The only recipe you will ever need for profiteroles – can also be used for éclairs, choux buns or various other deliciousness. Also, not my recipe, thank you very much James Martin. Choux Pastry 200ml Cold Water 4 tsp Caster […]

french fancy recipe

Lemon French Fancies

April 27, 2013

I’ve been saying for weeks (months, years actually) that I should try my hand at my own take on popular cakes/desserts. I think everyone at some point in their life will do something like this, it’s inevitable. I will wager that it’ll also be for one of the following reasons too: 1) You’re sick of […]